UASL-JEZ 18 SEER Two Stage Communicating Split Air Conditioning

The Ruud Ultra Series® High Efficiency Two-Stage UASL- JEZ Condensing Unit was designed with performance in mind. These units offer comfort, energy conservation and dependability for single, multi-family and light commercial applications.

  • Comfort Control System™ provides on-board diagnostics and fault history for condensing units with single-phase compressors by detecting system and electrical problems without adding sensors. It can also communicate fault codes to enabled L terminal thermostats. The integrated diagnostics with Active Protection™ prevents compressor operation when potentially harmful conditions are detected.
  • 7-Segment LED Display is exclusive only to Ruud products. The information-display quickly and accurately shows technicians the source of malfunctions.
  • Reliable Two-Stage Scroll™ Compressor for precise temperature control providing ultimate comfort.
  • Attractive, louvered wrap-around jacket protects the coil from yard hazards and weather extremes. Top grille is steel reinforced for extra strength. Cabinet is powder painted for all-weather protection.
  • For quiet operation and improved efficiency the 3 ton model feature the GE® ECM two-speed motor with a 3-blade outdoor fan.
MODELCooling Cap.
Charge Oz.
Line SizeDimensions
Weight Lbs.
UASL024JEZ24.6 18.5 144 3/8-3/4 33x44.4x31.5 236
UASL036JEZ36.8 16.5 150 3/8-3/4 33x44.4x31.5 236

Warranty Information

  • All Parts for 120 months - 10 Year replacement & parts warranty when promptly registered online

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